Dear SA Clubs, 

Due to the recent developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Undergraduate Student Association has been meeting with the University to learn how we can best prevent the spread of the virus and protect our campus community. 

With the health and safety of students and staff being our top priority, the Undergraduate Student Association (SA) has made the decision to cancel all SA events and SA club-related activities and meetings until further notice.  While this decision is a difficult one, we believe that this is necessary in order to best comply with all suggested health guidelines for group gatherings and social distancing. 

The Undergraduate Student Association Office will also be closed until further notice. In the meantime, SA professional staff and a select number of SA staff members have been directed to work remotely.

As it pertains to club functions until the end of the academic year, please know that the SA Board of Directors has waived all SA club requirements for the Spring 2020 semester. While we understand that the current conditions may affect club financial requirements, Kendra Harris, the SA Treasurer, and the rest of the SA finance department are working diligently to ensure a fair and equitable transition. Further clarification will be communicated from the SA Finance team soon. 

Until then, the Undergraduate Student Association strongly recommends that all students only come to campus if they are explicitly directed to do so and continue to follow all governmental guidelines to stay safe.

During the next few months, we will continue to update the SA Website ( and inform you of any updates that we have via email. 

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation. 

Any documentation that is typically accepted electronically for purchases for events that were approved and happened prior to 3/16/2020 should be emailed to, please reference the PO number or information helpful to locating the corresponding PO in the email. Original receipts and invoices that are typically submitted to the SA Finance Department should be mailed to:

University at Buffalo Student Association
350 Student Union
Buffalo. NY 14260

Welcome to SAFE 2.0 - The UB Student Association Financial Entry system

Login:Login is restricted to club Presidents and Treasurers using your UBIT name.Click the login button in the top right corner and you will be redirected to the “Dashboard” screen. From there can choose what you want to do within the system.

General Ledger:The General Ledger is available to everyone, regardless of login. It functions much like our old General Ledger, but is much more novice friendly. Resembling a normal checkbook register, you can find the broader information about each transaction in a single line. To see the more intricate details of each transaction, you can expand entries by clicking the (+) next to the particular request.

Dashboard:Immediately after login, you will be presented with the Dashboard. Here you can see at a glance all of the most up-to-date information on your club’s finances.This is also where you will receive messages regarding any current issues.

Messages &Notifications: Our new SAFE will notify you via email if our staff flags your Request with questions or concerns. These questions will appear as new messages when you log into SAFE. The message center can be accessed from the top right menu system at any time.

The system will also notify you of the progress of each PO you’ve requested while it/they process, these messages will be emailed directly to your UB email.

Club Management:From the club management page, you can do the following:

-       Add a new Request – The giant blue “Request Funds” button at the bottom of the page will allow you to add a new Request very similar to the way you did in SAFE 2.0

-       View your accounts – Here you can see your current accounts and their balances. If you’re associated with more than one club, you will be able to see both sets of accounts here.

-       Add a new Club Vendor – One of the best improvements to the system is the way our Vendors work. There is still a global “Preferred Vendor” list that is viewable to all clubs and organizations. In SAFE 2.0 we’ve added the ability for clubs to add their own vendors that only appear to you and your club alone. These vendors will disappear at the end of each SA budget year.

-       Void/Message Finance about your Request – Each request for funds will have the ability for you to send a message to our staff to request information or changes to that particular request. These messages can be sent from within the Request itself, from the right hand side.

-       View the process of your Request – As each request moves through the process of becoming a PO or Check, you can find out where it is in the process.

Vendors:The new system allows for you to use a preferred vendor from the global vendor list, a custom 1-time vendor that you will enter manually for just a 1-time use, or the ability for you to add your own club’s vendors which are only viewable to people associated with your club.

Events:When you have multiple Requests for Funds that are all associated with the same event, you can create a new event within SAFE to save you time. Events allow you to enter a generic description of the event as well as backup documentation.

After your event is created, you can then select the event from the Request Funds page, this description and documentation will automatically be added to your new Request, saving you time and effort.

Past Years:Our new system allows you to easily see what your predecessors have done, and what vendors they used. By entering a previous year in the year filter on the Club Management’s “Request” tab, you can go 4 years into the past.

If you want to duplicate a past Request, open the desired Request by clicking on it. You can then click the “Copy Requisition to Current Year”button at the bottom right corner. At this point, the information will be copied to a new requisition for this budget year, and you can edit the information you require changed for the new year.